We believe that when it comes to you, only you know best. We want you to own who you are, whoever that is. Our job is to help you own the pieces that give you confidence, and the things that make you different. Because once you own something, it’s yours forever.


Winkelstraat.nl was founded in 2012, born from our desire to support fashion stores to become successful online. ‘’One address, all stores’’ was our initial motto.

Through the years we’ve envolved into what we are today, but our believe remains the same: delivering great service lives in our hearts. We continue to stand out through our personal touch. We seek to understand our partners and consumers and help them own it, whatever their it may be.


Winkelstraat.nl provides a end-to-end marketplace solution to high-end fashion retailers and brands across Europe. By bringing today's must have global luxury and local niche brands together, our aim is to become the best locally connected new luxury platform for youngsters.


To make the worlds new luxury accessible through premium experiences. (“wonder through service”)